5 Questions For a New Client To Ask a Plumber in Wellington Prior to Service

If you happen to be a brand new client in the market for a plumber Wellington based, it is important to be informed and up to date about their business.

No two outlets will be the same when it comes to their expertise level, their experience in the industry, the resources they have to cater to the task or the community reputation they have established over time.

In order to be confident about what they can deliver, it is a valuable exercise to ask these 5 key questions prior to providing the service on site.


1) “How Soon Can You Arrive?”

Arguably the single greatest point of criteria that has preference over any other when hiring a plumber Wellington based is their capacity to arrive at the client’s location on time. If there are any major delays or setbacks where the customer has to wait behind a long cue, they will almost certainly be forced to head to another local provider in the Wellington area. Especially for those emergency callouts with a broken pipe, an overflowing toilet or a malfunctioning hot water system, every second waiting on a response can be incredibly costly. A quick response will be a most valuable asset for homeowners in this setting.


2) “Can You Provide a Quote For The Work Now?”

The cost is a key element when deciding which plumber in Wellington is worthy of your business. By providing constituents with a quote, they will demonstrate that they are upfront about the fees involved for their service, giving individuals a chance to determine if they can budget for the expense. It will also help to remove any possibility of incurring hidden fees that could emerge if they only discuss the financial details after the fact and not before.


3) “What Experience Do You Have With Similar Jobs?”

9 times out of 10, a plumber in Wellington will have personally managed and overseen a job that matches a similar profile to this specific callout. Yet there could be an occasion where they come up short on repairing or installing a certain item around the house, from a swimming pool to the laundry or across the kitchen or bathroom. If they are new to the industry and the area without this requisite experience, the client will be taking something of a risk.


4) “Are You Bringing Additional Team Members?”

A plumber in Wellington could very well work in isolation, but if they are bringing a team of professionals to the site, that will be an indication of the challenge that lies ahead. More people involved will also equate to a higher fee given the labour that will be involved in the project. In order to know who is the direct point of contact and who will be arriving at the household, it is valuable to pose this question to the plumber in Wellington.


5) “Is There Any More Information You Need From Me?”

Half of the challenge that a plumber in Wellington has when travelling to a job is trying to understand the scope of the challenge and whether or not they need to be informed about key details. Under most normal conditions, they can run a quick assessment in real time and engage a quick and effective resolution. However, if there are specific warranty terms that are included with a hot water system, if there has been faults with a pipe or faucet in the past or if there other elements at play that would be worthwhile for the specialist to be aware of, it is beneficial to pose this question.