Linux and Professional Development

The Linux operating system is one of the most used in the worldwide server market. Let’s get to know more?


The Linux operating system is one of the most used in the worldwide server market. It is among the fastest growing operating systems in the IT market, even more, famous for its flexibility, low cost, stability, and security. However, it is still high the difficulty of companies to find qualified and certified professionals to work in the administration of their servers.

It is perfect for work and brings useful tools in day today. Some devices are widely used and shared, for example, Gimp, which can be compared to Adobe Photoshop.

The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) is a non-profit organization based in Canada. It was started in 1999 by the Linux community and since then has been developing a certification program in GNU / Linux systems, internationally recognized by companies, employers and IT professionals to specialize, as the market asks.

Such a program aims to prepare the next generation with the minimum knowledge required to work in mixed IT environments, that is, in situations where the user can find more than one operating system.


The program is aimed at the novice audience on Linux, as the market has been asking for the system, and few professionals and users want LPI professional certification, but they do not have much experience.

To certify the competence of IT professionals in the use of their operating systems and their tools, they increase the chances of employment and can improve the professional position.

The way each one prepares to succeed with the system, whatever the specific model, varies significantly from person to person. But, of course, today many are based on materials found on the internet or in the processor manuals themselves.

Not always separating the material for study is an easy task. If you do not take care, you can end up reading and studying hundreds or even thousands of pages without actually achieving the ultimate goal.

In this sense, there are those who choose to study following the content and method of some training center or school specialized in the subject. Usually, the materials used in specialized courses are already focused and were designed in an academic way to facilitate learning without complication, and rely on the experience of the instructors who can give valuable tips for success in the test and professional life.

Of course, for this, you should choose a good option and be careful not to fall into a hole.

The type of this processor can significantly benefit the person valuing the curriculum, since today many companies opt for this system, for all the ease that it brings, not counting that it gives support to the teaching, making the professional adapts easy and knows everything you need for handling.