Important Questions To Ask Your Sydney Wedding Photographer

There’s no question that choosing a Sydney wedding photographer for your big day can be a daunting task. Want our advice? We suggest shopping around. Finding a Sydney wedding photographer that suits your style and budget can take time and patience, but it’s well worth it to take your time in finding someone you like and feel comfortable with – your photos of the day will become your cherished memories after all so it’s worth it to take the time to come to the right decision for you. It’s absolutely crucial to find a Sydney wedding photographer that you feel good around, it will impact on how relaxed you look on the day and how much you’ll enjoy your day. Here are a few questions you should ask to help you gauge whether a Sydney wedding photographer is right for you.


What style do you use?

Different artists will have different styles or preferences for how they take photos and different methods of retouching. Think about what you prefer, do you like lots of highly styled portraits or more comfortable and relaxed family photos? Do you like bright and colourful shots or moody photos? Figure out what you like and base your decision on that, getting the best results means finding someone that fits your personal style and who likes to create photos that feel like a natural fit for your particular taste.


Do you retouch photos?

Not every Sydney wedding photographer does retouch on every single photo if beautifully retouched images are a must for you, check-in with them on their retouching policy before hiring them.


How much experience do they have?

Check-in with potential options on how many events they’ve photographed in the past and ask if you can see their portfolio. Are they highly experienced or just starting out? If they’re relatively new to the business they may be able to offer you discounts, but be aware that events can be very stressful and they should have a proven ability to handle the pressure. Don’t risk the memories of your favourite day on someone whose never done and event like your before. Don’t hire and amateur in this situation, there’s just too much at stake.


What’s included in your packages?

A good thing to ask your Sydney wedding photographer about is what their package price includes. How many hours will they stay and does their package come with prints, albums or proofs? Some shooters may also include things such as engagements shoots or an extra person on-hand in their price, so it’s important to ask questions as this can help you to more accurately compare prices.


Do you work with a back-up shooter?

bride and groom posing on a crossroad for prenup photos

Unfortunately, emergencies or illnesses to crop up and you don’t want to be left in the lurch if your shooter calls in sick! Check if they have a back-up option on hand for situations where the worst happens. If they have to give your event a miss due to illness or injury make sure there will be someone else available to shoot your big day.


When do I get to see the photos of my big day?

This is the thing that most brides will want to know, it’s exciting to see the photos of the day so most will want to see their photos as soon as humanly possible. This could take a few weeks, or even a few months, depending on the person you choose so it’s good to speak to them and get a realistic expectation of timings. Most will send a few sneak peek shots after a few days or a week to help tide you over.