What Is Shiseido Hair Straightening?

Shiseido hair straightening is a modern and increasingly popular way to straighten and smooth curly and wavy hair. It is a method that creates a shiny and sleek style and many women now do it on a routine basis. However, there are some risks involved because chemicals are used to treat the hair and if it is done in the wrong way or if work in performed by an inexperienced hairdresser then serious damage can be done. That is why you should do your research before getting the treatment done. You should make sure you understand what Shiseido hair straightening is, what the benefits are and what the potential drawbacks can be.


How Shiseido hair straightening came to be

The treatment first became very popular in New York City in the early noughties when straight hair was in. Women with curly or wavy hair began walking into the salon to get chemical treatments and were walking out with super sleek hair. The treatment became so popular that it spread throughout the cities of the United States.


How is it different from Brazilian Blowouts?

Brazilian blowouts followed after Shiseido hair straightening was introduced and it became highly popular. Not long after keratin treatments emerged though it became known that formaldehyde was used in some of the treatments and since then Shiseido hair straightening has become increasingly popular.


How does it work?

woman getting a hair treatment in a salon

Shiseido hair straightening involves having a special chemical solution put on your hair which breaks down the bonds in your hair that give it the shape that it has, this allows it to be made pin-straight after a flat iron is used. First, your hair will be doused in the solution before being rinsed, dried with a blowdryer and then flat ironed in small sections. A neutralizer is applied after which keeps the style locked in place. The process, like a perm, is time-consuming and labour intensive. The time involved in the process will depend on your hair type and the length and thickness of your hair but generally, you should allow at least a few hours in the salon.


Does it cause damage?

You are at the end of the day using chemicals on your hair to remove its bonds, which does cause a degree of damage. There has been some controversy around the treatment with some people experiencing hair damage and hair loss and some salons will no longer offer the service. Hair that has been coloured or chemically treated in some other way is also at a higher risk of damage or hairless when being reconditioned. Experienced and knowledgeable stylists will be able to minimise damage and honestly advise you if you can safely get treatment – it’s important that you’re honest about the condition of your hair and how it has been processed in the past however to help you, stylist, assess you.


Will it be permanent?

The solution is semi-permanent, whilst it will last on the hair that is treated, your regrowth will grow back in its normal texture. It’s permanent in the way that it can’t be reversed and you’ll have to grow it back out to get your hair back to the way it looked originally. If you have very curly or wavy hair it can look strange when your hair is growing out as you’ll have pin-straight hair and wavy roots. Most people will require treatments every six months or so, growing it out can take patience.


Caring for hair after treatment

Once you’ve had a Shiseido hair straightening treatment performed you’ll need to be careful not to wash it or wear it in a ponytail for at least three days after the treatment.